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Microscopy software framework

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Welcome to HelioScan.

HelioScan is a software package for microscopy control applications providing high flexibility and easy extensibility. It as acts as:

Scope and functionality

HelioScan can be used for various imaging applications. It is particularly well suited for in vivo two-photon imaging applications. For different application scenarios, read our publication:

HelioScan: A software framework for controlling in vivo microscopy setups with high hardware flexibility, functional diversity and extendibility


The HelioScan wiki provides an extensive documentation.

Authors and Contributors

HelioScan is a community effort that was started in 2007 by Dominik Langer (@dominiklanger) in the research group of Prof. Fritjof Helmchen. Over the years, significant contributions have been made by Marcel van 't Hoff (@marcelvanthoff), Andreas Keller, Maurice Göldi, Oliver Pfäffli, Marco Tedaldi and Hansjörg Kasper.